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The Castle has two floors: the basement and the first floor. The majestic portal has a rustication (made with ashlar) style. The portal on the south east side does access to the interior courtyard of the Castle. Several rooms appear at the court yard; a covered staircase embedded in the left courtyard’s thick-walls, connect it with the garden. Another entrance with the Adragna’s coat of arms on it, usher us in barons’ rooms. Among them is a spacious living room/hall characterized by rounded arches with “volte a schifo” furnished with antique pieces.

sala 1

The main portal inside the courtyard is overlapped by the Grifeo’s coat of arm, Francesco Laurana’s work. The main portal give access to the representative building’s hall, also called “Arm Hall” or “Throne Hall”. It has a rectangular plan with a real vault and preserve a Fresco dates back to 1777. Today we have set up an art gallery on it.

sala delle armi

The other rooms on the Castle do not preserve anymore, the old pieces. Now they are used as a Museum’s halls, where Archeological finds dates back to Neolithic and Bronze Ages are exhibited. All these remains were found on Contrada Stretto, archeological area in Partanna.  The Collection exhibited collect crockeries, ceramics china, elephant’s tusks, human’s skeletons, axes and glasses of Beaker culture.

From the Arms Hall through an interior stairs, you go down to the old Castle’s stables. The stables are today used as Conference Hall. From there, you can visit the indoor garden, the wine cellar, old presses and the impressive barrels for wine production. There is also the access to the hollowed out rock basement.





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