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Probably the first installation of Grifeo’s Castle dates back to XIV century even if its existence provides documentary evidence in 1453. The late mannerist portal was ordered by Domenico Grifeo Prince in 1658, after the birth of the current Vittorio Emanuele Street which was created by Carlo D’Aprile from Palermo’s Senate.

castello notturno

Even though the castle had conserved its rectangular plan, several transformations had changed its original physiognomy. It looks like an old majestic merlon fortress with three big wings built around the large courtyard.

interno cortile

On the north-west, the second part of the castle has got an old tower-defense annex to the structure. On the top of the tower there is a slit that allow propelling arrows with the use of a bow.


On the main façade, in the south-west side there is a splayed portal. On its sides there are four architraves around the windows with squared stones. At the first level there are four equilateral arches; the second level shows a little raised tower with merlons on the top. All levels are decorated with Guelph merlons which complete the symmetry and beauty of the castle.


The fourth side of the Castle on the south-east appears at the indoor garden and the terraces. You can see it just from a secondary street delimiting the castle and it is decorated by stone engraved balconies.





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