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The  Prehistoric museum from lower Belice has some precious materials in which a great part of it comes from Contrada Stretto in the area of Partanna. Of remarkable interest is the big vessel that  was found in Capo D’acqua  and is completely whole and also some vessels of Beaker culture, flint , decorated pottery,cups, “attingiti” and faunal remains  from the Upper Pleistocene like elephants, hippopotamuses and deer. A special regard goes to the trepanned skull, which represents the first attempt at surgical operation during the Neolithic. Now the skull is exhibited at “Salinas” Regional Museum in Palermo. At  the Prehistoric Museum in Partanna, is exhibited a skeleton that dates back to the later half of IV and the first half of the III century.B.C (before Christ)


The buried body, biggest than other bodies at that time, was found in a excavated grave at the historical Centre of Partanna city, in Vittorio Emanuele street, behind the council technical services department. The body was covered by red ochre and ceramic components that formed the funeral kit (trousseau – solo per sposa). All these elements tell us that this man should have  been  a very important person  at that time, maybe a warrior or a shaman. When the body was found by Trapani’s Superintendence in 1991, the grave was untouched, the body curled up (huddled up) with his legs bent backwards and his skull laid on a pillow obtained from the rock. Today in the museum we can appreciate the buried body with part of deposition’s earth, the funeral kit and two fragments of red ochre.

Moving along the Museum we can appreciate the big vessel found in Capo d’Acqua’s Necropolis, Binaia in the area of   Partanna.


The 2,30 ft vessel, completely undamaged when it was found during the digging, has a bell shape and his  muzzle (open end) is oval. The edge is decorated with seven handles and seven buttons placed in an uneven/irregular way under the edge. The vessel, dates back to the Early Bronze Age (XX-XIX BC) was found on the Necropolis grave n. 1 – hollow B, laid on the wall. Inside the vessel there were two fragments of attingitoio’s cup painted with decorations belonging to Facies of Castelluccio. Besides the cup, a lot of faunal archeological were found on the sediment as cat’s skull fragments, goat’s teeth, burnt cobbles and animal bones, ashes and coals.




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